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Welcome to A Call to College

Helping students aspire to, attend and graduate from college is our passion.

Many academically qualified students, who should attend and succeed in college, do not. Three of the biggest obstacles are:

  • not knowing the necessary steps to get and stay on the college pathway
  • the complexities of the financial aid process
  • the high cost of college

In response to this need, Newark High School alumni and concerned community members established A Call to College in 1991.  The program serves students and families in the Newark City School District with the full support of the school system and the Newark, Ohio community.

A Call to College targets the above obstacles by:

  • advising seniors and their parents through the financial aid process in order to obtain maximum aid
  • assisting juniors with ACT test preparation and completion
  • awarding renewable Last Dollar Grants to qualified graduates
  • sponsoring early college awareness programming in the Newark elementary and middle schools


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