“To assure every Newark City Schools student the opportunity to pursue and complete education after high school.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions by Newark parents and students about A Call to College services, financing a college education and the best steps to take to be ready to attend and afford college:

About A Call to College

Q: Who can participate in A Call to College? 

A:  All 1991 to current senior graduates, as well as juniors, freshmen, eighth, sixth, fourth and second grade students in Newark City Schools have the opportunity to become involved.

Q:  How can high school students in particular get involved? 

A:  Students will be contacted by A Call to College regarding programs or available advising.  See calendar for current events. 

Q:  Where is the office located?   

A:  We are located in the HUB, room 242G.

Q: When is the office open? 

A: Office hours during normal school days are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  During the summer, the office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. 

Q: What kind of advising services are available to students?  

A:  Trained advisors meet with juniors and seniors either individually or in small groups to provide information about programs offered, timelines to follow and deadlines to meet. Program advisors help students stay on track and learn about available opportunities to help pay for college. Programming and advising are free of charge to any interested student or family. 

Q: Can family members make appointments?

A: Parents, family members and care givers are welcome to visit our office to learn more about specific programming offered, to discuss college financing options, compare financial aid packages and receive assistance with any other college-related step.  Call 740-670-7424 to make an appointment.


About Financing College

Q: Can I get help with my FAFSA? 

A: Yes! Call the office at 740-670-7424 or stop by to make an appointment for individual assistance with completing the FAFSA form.  We also offer after school and evening Complete Your FAFSA workshops.  See calendar for dates of this year's workshops. 

Q:  What is a Last Dollar Grant? 

A:  Last Dollar Grants are need-based scholarships provided by our program to eligible students. These grants are based on unmet need and do not need to be paid back.  However, recipients are expected to volunteer several hours each year to the program. 

Q: How do students qualify for Last Dollar Grants? 

A: All Newark High School seniors are highly encouraged to apply for this need-based grant as they make plans for attending college.  To view requirements and download application forms, see Last Dollar Grants

Q: Can past graduates receive help?

A:  Graduates from the class year of 1991 to current grads, are eligible to apply for a Last Dollar Grant.  They also can receive program services like help completing the FAFSA or comparing awards.   

Q: What is the maximum amount of a Last Dollar Grant?

A: Eligible students can receive up to $2,000 per year.  If eligible, the maximum amount students can receive throughout the duration of their undergraduate studies is $8,000. 

Q: How do students receive an application for a Last Dollar Grant? 

A: Students will be mailed an application as a high school senior and also subsequent years if they applied the previous year. Also the application can be found on our Last Dollar Grants page. 

Q: I am worried about submitting personal and financial information when I complete the FAFSA.  Is it safe to complete online and is this information shared with anyone else?

A: Over 99% of all FAFSAs are submitted at https://studentaid.gov.  Your data is protected by encryption.  After verifying and processing, the information is submitted only to the financial aid offices of the colleges you list on the form.  

Q:  I had a company offer me help in completing my FAFSA and they claimed they could also give me access to hundreds of possible scholarships -- all for a fee.  Is such a service worth it?

A:  Remember that the first letter in FAFSA stands for "Free".  A good rule of thumb is NEVER PAY MONEY TO GET MONEY!  A Call to College will provide resources and assistance with financial aid forms for your family throughout the entire time the student is in college -- completely for FREE.  Don't hesitate to call our office if your receive confusing mail or have questions about such offers from companies.

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