“To assure every Newark City Schools student the opportunity to pursue and complete education after high school.”

Planned Giving

What is The A Call to College Legacy Club?

The Legacy Club is a special group of A Call to College friends and supporters who have made a lasting commitment to helping assure that every qualified Newark City Schools student aspires to and has to opportunity to pursue and complete education after high school by naming the organization as a beneficiary in their estate plans. The Legacy Club is a way to recognize thoughtful friends who share our belief that a vibrant, productive and healthy Newark is one in which the students and families in its largest school system are aware of, aspire to and successfully access the benefits of post-secondary education. The group includes those supporters who have named A Call to College as a beneficiary in a will, trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. All gifts are greatly appreciated – there is no minimum amount for membership in The Legacy Club.  If you have already included A Call to College in your estate plans, we encourage you to contact us as indicated below to share your commitment, in part so that we can discuss any specific preferences you may have for the use of your gift. Alternatively, if you would like to explore the possibility of including A Call to College in your estate plans, we would be happy to serve as a resource for you and/or your advisors, with no obligation on your part. Please contact Governing Board Past Chair, Sarah Reese Wallace (NHS Class of 1972), at [email protected] or (740) 349-8276, to discuss any questions you may have, to explore gift vehicles or to inform us that you have included A Call to College in your plans. 

How to Include A Call To College

There are several different vehicles you may want to choose from in making an estate provision for A Call to College. When naming the organization as a beneficiary in a will or trust, the correct legal designation is “A Call to College, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Ohio, with principal business address of 314 Granville Street, Newark, Ohio 43055, Taxpayer ID number 31-1333812.”  

When naming A Call to College on a life insurance or retirement plan beneficiary designation form, please use as much of the above information as is practical in the space provided and consult your plan custodian, insurance representative or professional advisor to ensure that you have provided sufficient specifics on the form. 

Finally, your estate commitment really can serve as an inspiration for others in our community to do likewise. Nevertheless, for those supporters who do not want us to publish your name as a member of The Legacy Club, we are happy to honor your wish for anonymity. But we do encourage you to notify A Call to College of your thoughtful commitment.

"In 1991 when A Call to College was just getting off the ground, my wife Lois and I, both proud Newark graduates, were happy to support such a worthy cause by making a multi-year pledge to help build its endowment. We had no idea how incredibly special this organization would actually become!
Since then I have been so impressed by the passion and commitment of everyone involved -- at every level. When I talk to others about the program, I highlight how its services help Newark graduates leverage an additional $11 or more of other financial aid for each dollar of Last Dollar Grant assistance provided. Our exceptionally able volunteer advisors lend Newark juniors and seniors the counseling and guidance needed to complete the college search and financial aid application process. I also feel that, of all of our services, The PEAK Program will perhaps have the most important long-term impact."
Richard L. Bibart
NHS Class of '60
Board Member 2001-2013

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